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Generating time-history plots  arindam1211@rediffmail.com  28.09.2015 12:44:39
How to extract DOF velocity / displacement time-history plot following simulation? In particular, how to generate something like Fig. 7 [Graph of time serie of the y coordinate of the midspan Mass Point] in the Tutorial problem "simple supported beam ". Regards, Arindam Ghosh.

Generating time-history plots  admin:kitnarf  29.09.2015 09:36:35
Dear Arindam, thx for your question. Use following procedure: Select the object (a mass point) you want to observe, use menu Object-Change and set its save option as true. Make your simulation. Calculated data will be saved to a TXT file in the same directory as your model data file (or the application directory). Then use a spreadsheet or a specialized application (e.g. gnuplot) for generation of a graph. If you want to use a spreadsheet, simply open the TXT file, copy whole content and paste it inside the spreadsheet. Let me know whether you've succeeded. Petr

RE:Generating time-history plots  arindam1211@rediffmail.com  05.10.2015 10:49:50
Thanks Petr. YES. I'm now able to extract the DOF time history plot via Excel spreadsheet by first saving the state variable. Regards, Arindam.

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