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Mesh optimization

FyDiK application can be used for optimization of a mesh geometry.


Bending of a cantilever

Plane model of a cantilever made of quadrilateral finite elements bended by a force. Colors show maximal principal stress.



Creation of a ring from quadrilateral finite elements. Movie shows interactivity of the application and capability to solve large displacements.


Older movies

Tearing of a pullover.
This movie originates from simulation of tension test of concrete notched specimen. But there was a mistake in specification of Spring Function properties. Created in cooperation with Jan Eliáš.
Simulation of crack process during four-point-bending test of a beam (see also).
Simulation of crack process during four-point-bending test of a beam (see also).
Simulation of elastic thin-walled steel girder in FyDiK3D. The girder is simple supported and loaded by constant conservative force in the middle of the span and on the top flange. The load is greater then critical and the girder loses stability. There is possible to see many local catastrophic snap-down events.
Simulation of fractal fragmentation of a concrete cylinder after an impact into an elastic wall. Created in cooperation with Jan Eliáš.
Simulation of fragmentation of pseudoatom model of a specimen impacting into an elastic wall.
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