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Simulation of stability loss of a continuous welded rail track

The loss of stability of three types of continuous welded rail track was studied. One type with common transversal concrete sleepers and two types of Y-shaped steel sleepers. Track was loaded by thermal expansion of rails. The problem was following: which conditions leads to loss of stability of the ideal track shape. The model is composed from representations of rail beams, sleepers and crushed stone ballast. For more details see the report (in czech language).

Efficient lattice modelling of fracture process zone extent in cementitious composites

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FyDiK lattice model was used for verification of the developing technique, named ReFraPro, for estimation of the extent (the size and shape) of the fracture process zone in quasi-brittle silicate-based specimens/structures during failure process. For verification was chosen so-called wedge splitting test of a specimen. Numerical results are compared with experimentally gained data from measurement of acoustic emission (Mihashi and Nomura 1996). Created in cooperation with colleagues Václav Veselý and Zbyněk Keršner.
The discrete FyDiK model is implemented in CUDA version which was developed for parallel execution on a nVidia GPU with double arithmetics (CUDA version 1.3 and later). The implemented algorithm (without optimization via the use of shared memory) was executed on a single Tesla C1060 GPU with 240 processors in double arithmetics. It is approximately 300x faster than a sequential Java version executed on the 2.5 GHz CPU.

3D model of the Slunečná tower (author Martin Kalina)

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3D model of an observation tower. The tower named Slunečná stands near czech village Velké Pavlovice which is situated in region of wine.
The tower model was loaded by controlled displacement for determination of critical buckling load.

Suspension bridges (author Jakub Kokeš)

  model.zip, thesis
Batchelor thesis focused on two 2D models of suspension bridges and a study of their dynamical behavior.
First model represents a rope bridge, second model represents suspension bridge over Vranov lake, see homepage.
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